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- 10/14/2020

Shimadzu goes Denmark

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Shimadzu, one of the world leaders in analytical instrumentation, has started to run its own branch office in Denmark since September. The company now directly provides local support with a manufacturer’s technological know-how, market insights and expertise. So far, Shimadzu has been supported by a local distributor and will continue customer relationships and existing contracts in the future. The branch office is located in Greater Copenhagen, with the full address Shimadzu Filial Danmark, Lautruphøj 5-7, 2750 Ballerup.


Branch office located in Denmark’s economic and scientific heartland

“We have chosen this location for our branch office as it connects in two directions,” says Morten Thorslund, Sales and Service Manager of the Shimadzu Denmark Branch Office. “There is the Greater Copenhagen region as the country’s economic and scientific heartland, well-known for its chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as the metal-processing sectors. And there are several regional centers all over Denmark, where a lot of food, industrial, universities and other customers are placed. From this location, we can approximately 75 % of our customers, in a matter of minutes, and the rest within a few hours car ride.”


Denmark also features the development of knowledge-based industries and high-tech companies from environmental, bio and information technologies. Copenhagen and the greater cities are home to advanced technologies clusters, such as the Danish part of the ‘Medicon Valley’ covering major life science sectors, e.g. pharmacology, biotechnology, health tech and medical technology; the ‘Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster’ for new environmental technologies; and the Danish part of the ‘Øresund IT Region’ with nano- and micro-technologies.


Furthermore, the universities and academic institutions are spread all over the country; approximately half of them are concentrated in the Greater Copenhagen area. “This area also was the hometown and work environment of Niels Bohr, besides Albert Einstein probably the most influential physicist who fundamentally changed the understanding of the world,” adds Morten Thorslund. In his work, Niels Bohr focused atoms in the field of quantum mechanics and was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1922.


Sales, service and application specialists serving Danish industries

“Our lab technologies and equipments explore the microcosm of chemical and physical processes as a basis for quantitative and qualitative ultra-trace analysis of substances, compounds and ingredients,” says Morten Thorslund. Shimadzu’s advanced product range provides systems covering chromatography, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, TOC (sum parameter), life sciences, and testing machines solutions. They are applied for consumer, patient, and environmental protection as well as product safety.


The full range of analytical instrumentation solutions on over 350 sqm

Manufacturing and consumer goods industries, the health and environmental sectors as well as science benefit from Shimadzu’s local sales, service, and support through direct access to systems, solutions and know-how of a world-leading supplier of laboratory equipment. Shimadzu’s branch office with over 350 sqm hosts administration space as well as a demonstration lab and seminar rooms. The team of eight employees covers sales and service, training and application support. Customers can see the systems running and test them in operation according to their needs, before they take any purchasing decision. They can also attend seminars, symposiums and workshops hosted by experts from science and business presenting the latest applications and solutions.


Since Shimadzu started its European business in 1968 by opening the Duisburg, Germany-based European headquarters, the company extended its activities all over the continent, and today runs a tightly woven network of own subsidiaries, branch offices and qualified distributors in nearly each country.

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