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- 02/04/2021

SILAB: GLYCO-REPAIR® Mediator of the natural skin repair process

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A repairing active ingredient obtained from locust beans, GLYCO-REPAIR® regenerates the endogenous processes of skin repair with a double action on the epidermis and dermis for a pro-regenerating, anti-wrinkle and smoothing effect.


Repair the signs of aging

Due to environmental factors and aging, the skin loses its capacity to regenerate, thereby weakening the cutaneous barrier and the dermal architecture.

Faced with this observation, SILAB developed as soon as 2008 GLYCO-REPAIR®, a natural active ingredient able to reactivate the natural processes of skin repair.

In 2020, SILAB brings additional efficacy data to its active ingredient in a context of aging:

  • At the level of the epidermis, by confirming the capacity of GLYCO-REPAIR® to reactivate the different biological pathways involved in re-epithelialization, in particular keratinocyte differentiation, and by highlighting its healing action [1];
  • At the level of the dermis, by reaffirming the ability of GLYCO-REPAIR® to restore the integrity of the support tissue, especially with its action on the architecture of the dermal matrix and on the functionality of fibroblasts [2].

 [1] Tested at 0.

[2] Tested at 0.


Anti-aging and pro-regenerating

As of 2008, the ability of GLYCO-REPAIR® to repair skin tissue with rapidity and intensity after an aggression had been demonstrated. The new efficacy data highlights that the active ingredient also repairs age-related disorders. Indeed, a study by fringe projection demonstrated that GLYCO-REPAIR®, tested at

A self-evaluation by volunteers confirmed these data, since 8


Traceable and controlled supply

 In order to support its concept of tissue regeneration, SILAB has selected a natural raw material with repairing properties: the carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua). Its rustic nature and its capacity to adapt to environmental constraints make it appreciated to restore degraded ecosystems.

SILAB’s attention has been focused on the locust bean gum and has formed two partnerships on the island of Majorca (one for harvesting locust beans, the other for processing them into gum), the aim being to ensure the traceability starting at the parcel of land and to control quality. A controlled enzymatic hydrolysis process enabled SILAB to extract oligogalactomannans with a unique mean degree of polymerization (DP = 17), responsible for the efficacy of the active ingredient.

GLYCO-REPAIR® is a patented solution of natural origin at 99.