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- 12/30/2016

SILAB integrates ECOMERIS technology

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silab_integrates_ecomeris_technologySILAB, the natural active ingredients manufacturer based in Corrèze (France), signed the takeover of Ecomeris, a startup specializing in film technologies and natural coating solutions.
Founded in 2011, Ecomeris is a startup from the Laboratory of Natural Substances Chemistry at the University of Limoges. Its innovative solutions are based on original processes combining natural biopolymers and minerals, for the food, health and nutrition, veterinary and cosmetics sectors. Operating within the Novapôle business incubator (Saint-Viance) since 2013, the startup has initiated a number of partnerships with major international groups, without however getting as far as industrial production of its products.
Keen to make the project viable in its region of origin and to enable the transition to industrialization, Cyrille CABARET, CEO and founder of Ecomeris, wanted to entrust his technology to an industrial company sharing his values of innovation and scientific know-how. “SILAB has the ideal profile for continuing the development we have started, through its capacity for technological innovation, its international reputation in the cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics sector and its local roots,” he emphasized.Jean PAUFIQUE, CEO and founder of SILAB, confirmed that “this operation highlights SILAB’s willingness to take the project initiated by Cyrille CABARET through to the industrial phase. It represents a technological and human commitment, as we are going to use the original processes developed by Ecomeris for cosmetic and health applications in conjunction with our own expertise, while safeguarding its employees’ jobs”. Don’t forget that SILAB, which now employs over 260 people across the world, was also born from a project initiated at the University of Limoges a little over 30 years ago.

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