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- 01/17/2019

Silab – SENSORIALINE® Sensory awakening for regenerated skin

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SENSORIALINE® is a natural active imbued with sensoriality, targeting epidermal regeneration and able to maintain a robust and effective barrier function. 

Stimulated by beauty rituals, the senses can also be awakened in the skin through unprecedented biological activity. Recent studies have in fact shown the expression of epidermal receptors of smell and taste, whose stimulation favors cutaneous regeneration (cell proliferation, migration, differentiation). Through the development of unprecedented in vitro models, SILAB studied the impact of aging on the expression and functioning of these receptors. For the first time, SILAB thus showed that their regulation is disrupted in the course of aging. In this context, SILAB presents SENSORIALINE®, a natural active ingredient with a multi-sensory action, able to:

– activate the epidermal olfactory and taste receptors;
– favor epidermal renewal.

By reconnecting old skin with its senses, SENSORIALINE® favors epidermal regeneration. Based on a metabolomic study and a molecular modeling carried out in its laboratories, SILAB established the structure/function relationship between the glycolipids active molecules of SENSORIALINE® and the epidermal taste and olfactory receptors.

After 14 days of twice daily treatment and compared to the placebo, SENSORIALINE® tested at 2.5% significantly reduces transepidermal water loss on both Caucasian and Asian volunteers. In addition, a consumer test conducted on a panel with mature skin highlighted the moisturizing effect of SENSORIALINE®. Indeed, 85% of the panelists assessed their
skin more moisturized from the 1st application, a statement also confirmed at 77% after 14 days of application. Moreover, almost half of them reported that the moisturizing effect
lasted more than 3 hours after the 1st application.


The halved coconuts on old wooden table.




In order to investigate the concept of sensoriality into the skin, SILAB chose a raw material with a unique fragrance: coconut. Beyond its demonstrated efficacy (identification and extraction of specific molecules that bind to sensory receptors), the use of its flour, a co-product obtained from cold-pressing the white flesh of the coconut, highlights SILAB’s strong commitment in terms of eco-responsibility. For that matter, the company has put its faith in the expertise of Sri Lanka, a country renowned for its traditional use of coconuts, in order to source this raw material. SILAB has selected its suppliers by favoring certified organic chains and production sites with good manufacturing practices label. Managing these supplies of coconut flour is the assurance of working with a traceable, secure and high quality raw material. A patented active ingredient (INCI name: Water and Butylene glycol and Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Extract), SENSORIALINE® is available in aqueous solution (recommended amount: 0.5 to 2.5%) and is compliant with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United Sates, Japan, China).


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