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- 09/23/2020

Siltech features three new specialty products and numerous new formulations during in-cosmetics virtual

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Silsurf® Di-T108 is an innovative sulfate-free mild surfactant.  The product is gentle on skin and hair and provides luxurious foam as well as cleansing similar to sodium laureth sulfate (SLES).  Silsurf® Di-T108 is water soluble and ideal for use in shampoos and body washes.  The product renders detergency and conditioning and elicits a high level of rich, uniform foam.

Silsurf® Di-4515-O is a water dispersible silicone polyether with pro-foaming properties for hydro-alcoholic hand sanitizer systems.  In addition to a high level of rich foam, performance the product provides emollience and a luxurious after-feel on the skin.  The INCI name is PEG/PPG-15/15 Dimethicone.

Silube® CSO Di-25 is a PEG-free anionic emulsifier that is gentle on the skin.  The product is suitable for cold processing and is ideal for sunscreen formulations as well as natural oil incorporation due to its oil compatibility.

Several new formulations highlighting the performance of Siltech’s specialty offerings will also be featured. The performance of Siltech’s novel invert emulsifier, Silube® 316, is featured across sun care, skin care and makeup formulations.  The after-feel of Silube® 316 in invert emulsion formulations is unmatched.  The newest Silube® 316 formulations are USDA BioBased Certified.  The patented performance of Silube® 316 allows for the highest possible content of sustainable, renewable ingredients in the formulations.  The BioPreferred status of the formulations ensures low impact to the environment.



USDA Rating


Glow Up


Versatile liquid primer base

Hint of Tint


Ultra-light tinted cyclic-free moisturizer

Max Moisture


Invert emulsion with amazing after-feel



Reef-safe, Critical Wavelength= 376nm


Formulations highlighting the cleansing and foaming properties of Silsurf® Di-T108 and the emulsification of natural oils using Silube® CSO Di-25 will also be on display.





Olive Omen

Silube® CSO Di-25

Unique feel, gentle on skin

Free & Clear

Silsurf® Di-T108

Sulfate-free rich foaming cleanser



Siltech specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a full line of organo-functional silicone compounds and related products for a wide range of personal care applications.  Siltech offers solutions for improving functional attributes such as wetting, conditioning, emulsification, film formation and more in cosmetic formulations and specializes in customization to meet customer needs.  With more than 30 years of experience and two manufacturing facilities, Siltech remains committed to supporting the growing personal care industry.

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