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- 02/16/2017

SIPERNAT® 11 PC as a new functional additive for cosmetics

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In the cosmetics industry, demand for raw materials for use in natural cosmetics products is steadily on the rise. To assist our partners in the industry with this trend Evonik is launching the functional additive SIPERNAT® 11 PC to substitute microplastics.

Functional additives in cosmetics improve the appearance and sensory properties of cosmetic products.

SIPERNAT® 11 PC has been specially developed under its former name EXP 9590 as a substitute for microplastics in personal care and toning creams, foundations, make-up, and face powder. SIPERNAT® 11 PC improves the sensory properties, leaving a better, more elegant skin feel. It also acts as an optical blurring agent, mattifies the skin surface, and reduces visible wrinkles.

SIPERNAT® specialty silica can be used as to replace polymer materials such as polyethylene, and polypropylene that have so far been used for this purpose in cosmetics formulations. Microplastics in cosmetics are currently the subject of debate as global marine pollutants.

Following on its SIPERNAT® 2200 PC and SIPERNAT® 22 PC products for shower gels and face and body peels, Evonik successfully continues to innovate in the area of resource-conserving products. A major part of silica-based cosmetics formulations come from Evonik.

All SIPERNAT® PC products (SIPERNAT® 11 PC, SIPERNAT® 22 PC, and SIPERNAT® 2200 PC) have been listed as nature identical by the International Natural and Organic Cosmetics Association (NATRUE), a globally active association that works for the promotion of natural skin care.

In addition, all the three products have Ecocert certification and can therefore be used in natural cosmetic products.

SIPERNAT® PC grades are produced in Europe, and expansion to Asia and North America is planned. Uniform specifications and strict microbiological checks ensure that every customer is supplied reliably and with consistently high quality. Evonik has long been a reliable partner of the cosmetics industry and silicas are used in many other life science products, e.g. food products and pharmaceuticals.

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