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- 03/08/2019

SK biotek and AMPAC Fine Chemicals a team to be reckoned with…

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

SK Biotek (SKBT) and AMPAC Fine Chemicals (AFC) are wholly owned subsidiaries of the South Korean conglomerate SK, a global leader in energy, chemicals and information technology.  The partnership between the companies, established in 2018, creates substantial market synergies in the API CDMO space by combining highly complementary assets and expertise of these companies, enabling us to provide the highest quality services to our customers. 


SKBT has two sites in Korea, an R&D/Manufacturing facility in Daejeon and a large scale manufacturing site in Sejong and a further site in Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland, which specializes in the supply of clinical and commercial API.  The state of the art facility in Swords has been manufacturing API and Intermediates for >50 years. As leaders in operational excellence and continuous improvement and boasting exceptional technical capabilities, Swords Campus provides a strong offering to our customers through scale-up, launch and secure commercial supply of NCEs. Within the general Campus capabilities, we offer access to world-class potent handling capability (down to low nanogram per cubic meter levels) and have a strong material science group on Campus.  Our plants in Korea offer cost effective supply of late phase and commercial pharmaceutical API and Intermediates. Our scientists and engineers are leading exponents of continuous manufacturing methodologies (tubular and fixed bed reactions) and have successfully developed processes from low kilograms through to 10s of tonnes. Continuous Flow Processing can offer many advantages over traditional batch processing.  It is not just greener, highly efficient and often cost effective, it also provides access to low and high temperature, hazardous, high-pressure and catalytic reactions.


AMPAC Fine Chemicals (AFC) became part of the SK family in the mid-2018, expanding the manufacturing footprint to the US.  AFC is a custom manufacturer of APIs and Intermediates; we have been solving problems for customers through technology and innovation to reliably deliver quality products for >75 years.  With integrated facilities in California, Texas, and Virginia specializing in process development, scale-up, and cGMP compliant production from kilograms to multi-ton quantities, we have developed capabilities that support a wide range of processes and technologies. We are the leading exponent of Simulated Moving Bed technology (SMB) and offer this powerful technology from lab, through pilot to large commercial scale.  We have a proven track record in successfully developing processes involving highly energetic chemistry and now offer supply capability for Controlled Substances from our DEA approved facility in Virginia.


As part of the SK Family, AMPAC and SK biotek in combination is able to provide our customers a broader portfolio of offerings.  With a strong technology toolbox supporting Continuous Processing, highly energetic chemistries, SMB and HPAPI and access to over 1000m³ of global capacity, spread across three continents, we have the capability and capacity to support all your API and Intermediate needs across the full lifecycle.


As an SK customer, we commit to work with you and your product as if it were our own; after all, we have been doing it for decades, producing many of the world’s most recognized drugs.

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