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- 02/28/2017

STADA conducts structured and open bidding process with all interested parties

Pharma Horizon

The Executive and Supervisory Boards of STADA Arzneimittel AG have converted the ongoing open-minded talks with all interested parties started on 13 February into a structured bidding process. The transparent and fair process which is open to further interested parties ensures that all potential bidders receive the same level of information and will have the same opportunity to present their plans for STADA. For this purpose, a data room has been established and the potential bidders – three to date – have been invited to conduct multistage due diligence.

In the interest of all shareholders and stakeholders of the Company, further potential for value enhancement shall be presented in this process in order to be reflected in possible offer prices. Moreover, the value of the strategic concepts of the interested parties as well as their willingness to grant protective mechanisms for stakeholders will also be examined. The Executive and Supervisory Boards intend to conduct a thorough process that will be finalized efficiently to the best interest of the Company. STADA will keep the capital market regularly updated on tangible developments.

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