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- 09/23/2016

Statement on RSPO Membership of IOI Group and IOI Oleo GmbH

HPC Today

After being suspended since April from RSPO activities due to issues occurred in two plantations belonging to the IOI Group the suspension has been lifted by RSPO and all members of the IOI Group are back with a full membership. In this context IOI Oleo GmbH as the German branch of the group had to re-new the local certification by undergoing an audit carried out by RSPO affiliates. This has been done successfully and after just having received the new RSPO membership certificate we can close this chapter and start selling RSPO MB certified raw materials again with immediate effect.

We would like to underline once more, that at no time IOI Oleo GmbH in Germany or members of its supply chain have done anything in breach with the RSPO principles. Our supply chain, production sites and all other units at IOI Oleo GmbH were at all times independent from our parent company IOI in Malaysia, which took over our business only in February 2016.

As a manufacturer of cosmetic raw materials at our two production sites in Germany we have a long tradition of serious engagement in sustainable practices. Long before the acquisition by IOI we have been among the first RSPO members of raw material producers in our industry and continue to respect the RSPO principles and sustainable practices in general.

We are very glad, that the case has been settled between RSPO and IOI and that our full portfolio is available in RSPO MB grade with immediate effect again.