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- 07/22/2019

Stay fresh with Evonik

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DRIVOSOL® helps surviving the summer without unpleasant odors – among other things by additional tank trailers that Evonik uses to transport the aerosol propellant.

As temperatures rise in summer, the consumption of body care products also increases, and many people use deodorants more frequently. Hairspray is applied more frequently, as it loses its hold when exposed to heat.

Propellant gas is required to get the odor inhibitor out of the can. Under pressure the gas liquifies and get mixed with the active ingredient. Whether lacquers, paints, shaving foam, hairspray or deodorants: the technique is always the same. However, there is a big difference. And it also has to do with the nose.

While paints and varnishes are less about odor and more about other properties, personal care products have more specific requirements. Evonik’s DRIVOSOL® propellant gas is a perfect fit for deodorants and similar spraying can products because it does not contain any unwanted odors. However, it is also important that it remains odorless in the further processing.

This is the job of the staff at the bottling plant in Marl, because even the slightest contamination can add an unwanted note to the carefully created scent of the final product, e.g. a deodorant. The best possible quality is easily achieved, due to the fact that Evonik combines high product standards with digitalization. This allows customers to customize the ratio of DRIVOSOL® components via an online tool. The desired ratio is then mixed in the tanker trailer. The advantage: no storage, no downtimes and above all, immediate delivery to the customer.

“Evonik is one of the biggest players in the hotly contested propellant market,” says Sarah Kranz, Marketing Manager Specialties at Performance Intermediates. Customers come primarily from the cosmetics industry. Most of them use DRIVOSOL® as a propellant for deodorants, shaving foams, dry shampoos, or hair mousse. Suppliers of oven, insect, paint or shoe sprays as well as lighter manufacturers are also among the customers. “In addition, there have already been initial successful attempts to use DRIVOSOL® in medical sprays to improve the external application of the ingredients,” explains Kranz. Overall, the market continues to grow at a rate of approximately three percent per year.

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