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- 10/20/2020

INNOSPEC – Sustainable solutions to meet today’s consumers’ needs

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We recognize that being a responsible business is key to our continued success. For us, it is an ongoing journey where we continue to educate ourselves and improve.

Within our Home & Personal Care businesses, we provide effective technology-based solutions for our customers, delivering innovation to create new products and offering new, more sustainable concepts.

These concepts can help the consumer reduce their impact on the environment by changing the way they receive and use their products.

In Home Care our dried surfactants, concentrates and super concentrates offer the response to the zero-waste trend: less water and less plastic usage are key in our formulations. Consumers are concerned about the effects of their product consumption on the environment and we respond to their needs creating sustainable solutions that reduce the environmental impact of our products.

We are also aware that consumers need to be reassured that the product is gentle with skin, safer to use and won’t leave behind chemical residues. Our formulations with tested ingredients, along with reduced harmful chemicals and additives, are extremely mild and designed with naturally derived ingredients.

Contact us today, you can be sure the Innospec Home Care range will inspire you:


In Personal Care, we recognise that the direction of the beauty care world combines science and efficacy with nature. We combine our innovative ingredient technologies, such as surfactants, solubilizers, emollients and silicones, with formulation expertise to deliver the right blend of science and creativity.

Sustainability is our focus because it is our customer’s focus and it is our responsibility to deliver sustainable, effective ingredients in the form of dry surfactants and concentrated blends. As well as being sulfate-free market leaders, formulating those sustainable ingredients into creative trend-based prototypes is also something that we are proud to lead the way with. Such as zero waste formulations, powdered facial cleansers and shampoos, naked/vegan shampoo bars or multi-functional cleansing sticks.

In terms of ingredient certifications, we have an internal drive to achieve COSMOS approval on our products. We currently have more than 50 ingredients approved or awaiting COSMOS approval and an impressive list of ingredients that are >50% naturally derived, according to ISO16128.

It all starts with the right ingredients. Just add in our knowledge and expertise in your next formulation project. Contact us today:

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