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- 02/01/2016

The axis of success
LUM awards Japanese and Spanish distributors

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The headquarters of 1 GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof hosted the LUM distributors from 21 countries as well as the international LUM sales force, traditionally in the end of January. During this annual technical and intercultural exchange the basis for further sustainable growth was set. LUM is market leader for innovative analytical instruments for particle characterization and for direct and accelerated characterization of emulsions and suspensions up to the materials testing of composites and characterization of coatings.

“We would like to thank our Japanese partner Nihon Rufuto Co., Ltd., for the sales success in the last year. Nihon Rufuto is selling analytical instruments of all LUM product lines for particle sizing, dispersion analysis and materials testing. Almost 25 % of particle and dispersion characterization instruments sold via distributors were installed in the Land of the Rising Sun in 2015.”, explains Prof. Lerche, Managing Director of LUM GmbH. “ Following up earlier success, we in parallel award again the outstanding performance of our Spanish partner Comercial Química Jover, S.L. Despite an ongoing challenging local business environment in Spain,  excellent sales success for all LUM products was achieved and a European benchmark was set. Both awardees, together with the LUM sales force in North America, Europe and China, significantly contributed to the almost 40 % increase in turnover in the year 2015.  It is our great pleasure to award Nihon Rufuto and Comercial Química Jover Best Distributors 2015. “

Recently aquired Japanese customers work in academic research as well as in the high technology sector of nanoparticle characterization, opening the ideal market for the LUM product of the year 2015 – the Separation Analyser LUMiReader® X-Ray.
The Spanish success, last but not least, is based on the intensive customer service in cosmetics and food industries and opens new applications in materials testing with the Adhesion Analyser LUMiFrac®.

from left to right – Joaquím Jover, Fuensanta Bernal (both Comercial Químicaa Jover, Spain), Prof. Dr. Dietmar Lerche (LUM, Germany), Hiroyuki Miyaoka (Nihon Rufuto, Japan)

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