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- 06/09/2021

The Green Chemist’s Handbook for cosmetic preservation, a tool for circular beauty, Launch now

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Consumer’s concern for their health has grown over the last year, and with that comes the search for products that are “free from” when they shop for cosmetics. On the other hand, the cosmetic industry has still to develop and manufacture products that are microbiologically safe and comply with regulations. Because scientists are trained to formulate with conventional ingredients, they tend to think it is not possible or that it takes a lot more time, effort, and cost to formulate with naturals. My vision is to enable and facilitate consumers desire for greener products, by helping the cosmetic industry embrace green chemistry and to protect cosmetic products with ingredients with a greener environmental profile.


This handbook is the result of over 20 years’ experience in cosmetic formulation and in developing safe cosmetic products using green chemistry and “circular” cosmetic ingredients, free from parabens, phenoxyethanol and formaldehyde donors. The handbook 250 pages contain 9 sections:
-an introduction,
-what is natural,
-cosmetics and microbiology,
-how to use the handbook,
-charts to ease the selection process (pH , regulatory charts, green criteria)
-164 carefully selected ingredients.
The ingredients featured have environmental benefits and meet several green criteria, in order to help formulators to select the best candidates to protect their formulas from microbial growth. Many ingredients in the book have additional properties such as antioxidant, moisturising and SPF boosting properties; so, they also help to achieve more with less.

This book is designed as a practical companion for formulators and even retailers, to see what alternatives are available out there and what to watch out in terms of safe microbial preservation. The handbook introduces what tests need to be done to ensure the resultant products are protected and what natural means in the 21st century. This is not a book with fancy theories that is going to sit on a shelf gathering dust; it is a paper free book that you can tap into at any time to see what natural means, and from which you can know what questions to put to your suppliers.

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