Biomimicry & Cosmetics: when nature gives us inspiration


SEQENS Cosmetics, Porcheville, France


Could cosmetic innovation benefit from what nature already knows? Yes! There’s no doubt about it when you consider that living organisms have already virtually every function desirable in cosmetics products. As a market that thrives on innovation, the skincare industry is understandably becoming more and more interested in this scientific approach. Biomimicry, which consists of taking inspiration from strategies found in living organisms, thus represents an unprecedented opportunity to imagine new active molecules for skincare. Whether through the observation of self-medication behaviour in animals, strategies of resistance to extreme conditions or cases of exceptional longevity, we will uncover here the first promising paths to identify the active bioinspired molecules of tomorrow.

Goffin’s cockatoo solves mechanical problems (1). The acacia tree warns its fellow neighbors of danger (2). The octopus uses coconuts to make an armor (3).

Not always easy to accept, of course, but there is no doubt any more: many species besides Homo sapiens can develop ingenious strategies, sometimes more efficient than our own.
How can we best react to this? After having accepted the information, we could take a closer look at the strategies developed by other species to find new levers of innovation.
This is the approach that we have adopted at Seqens Cosmetics to develop bio-inspired actives according to three sources of inspiration:

- Ethology: understanding of animal behavior
- Extremophiles: studying plants and bacteria able to survive high levels of pollution
- Ethnobotany: deciphering the nutritional factors contributing to exceptional longevity


After explaining how biomimicry can be used to sustainably respond to current challenges, we will have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in each of our bio-inspired strategies.