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Olive oil consumption attitudes as a healthy food
A survey study on young consumers


O. İnanc Güney*, Levent Sangün
*Corresponding author
Çukurova University Vocation School of Adana, Adana, Turkey


This aim of the study is to examine consumption patterns and purchase behaviour of young consumers (15-27 years old) for olive oil which is a healthy, natural and traditional food. A face to face consumer survey was used to gather information. The results show that, age differences affect consumption behaviour. The primary factor affecting the consumption of olive oil among the young consumers is health and this factor is followed by taste. Young consumers are extremely sensitive on price in terms of their purchase decisions and they highly prefer extra virgin olive oil and shows low interest on gourmet olive oils. In terms of quality perception, it has been determined that young consumers pay attention to consistency and they do not care on the region and variety of the olive. In addition, it has been determined that young consumers are willing to pay more for organic and traditionally processed olive oils.


Production and consumption of food is associated with many factors therefore it is one of the most commonly discussed topics in the literature (1). Food consumption behaviour is not only a matter of nutritional value, but also has influenced by personal and attitudinal factors (2).
Thus, individual’s consumer behaviour on food consumption decisions is affected by a mixture of factors (3).

Characteristics of the individual consumer have an important role on food consumption decisions. Thus, gender, income level, level of education and age can affect the decisions (4).
Especially for food, age can be more determinative on choice process among all the other socio-demographic factors.

Developments in food consumption trends have started to demonstrate radical transformation in recent years. In addition to the nutritional and sensory properties, food also started to be demanded for the health issue. Today foods are not only intended to satisfy hunger and to provide necessary nutrients for humans but also to prevent nutrition-related diseases and improve physical and mental well-being of the consumers (5). Consu ...

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