Packaging pharma take care of patients and planet


Auvergne University – Faculty of Pharmacy – Clermont-Ferrand, France


Pharmapack, that still remains one of the major fairs for pharmaceutical packaging, was postponed -due to the pandemic- from February to May 2021 and finally took place in October 2021 in Paris in a face-to-face Exhibition, virtual conferences and Award Ceremony. A winning mix appearing as an opening window on innovations: let’s have an overview.

The Pharmaceutical Global Market in 2020 (Key figures LEEM 2021), reached 1203 US $Bn, showing 8% growth compared to 2019 with this global repartition: North America, 46.3%; Europe, 24%; Asia Pacific, 14.5%; China, 8.2%; Latin America, 3.7%; Africa, 1.1%. On the top 3 for main therapeutic markets, there is oncology 14.4%, then secondly anti-diabetic 9.5% and at third auto-immunes diseases 9.2%. Looking for last figures for 10 top therapies (IQVA 2021); as absolute growth we’ll retrieve oncologics (17.2%), immunology (16.5%) and antidiabetics (11.6%). As Covid Pandemia spawned massive scale in emergency, numerous countries have rapidly developed projects to characterize the new virus, developed specific treatments or vaccine, assessed the repositioning of drugs in new indications (1).


The ‘combination products’ combining active ingredients and devices, is a rapidly expanding market estimated to be worth more than 90.3 billion dollars in 2020, and expected to reach 133.3 billion dollars by 2027 (+2.7% growth between 2020 and 2027) (2).


The market of oral chemotherapies, with their reduced side effects, continues to grow. But thes ...