The rise and “Fall” of the two-in-one shampoo


Element 44 Inc, Chicago, USA

The first products I learned to create as a formulator in the cosmetic industry were shampoos and conditioners. At that time the number one selling brand was Pert Plus shampoo. This was a type of two-in-one shampoo plus conditioner technology that consumers loved and nearly every other brand tried to copy. But lately, consumers have soured on the idea of shampoos plus conditioner and the marketing of these products has been significantly toned down. However, the technology that powered two-in-one shampoos remains an interesting one and still powers most of the popular shampoos today.


The need for a two-in-one shampoo developed over time. Shampooing was popular for cleaning hair but it did lead to problems such as difficult-to-comb tangled hair and static fly-away. To solve this problem, post-shampoo conditioners were created. They solved the problem but added an extra step to the hair care routine.


Product marketers didn’t mind this too much because that let them sell twice as many products. However, the consumers’ desire for convenience led to the idea of replacing the two ...