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Serena Tongiani

Serena Tongiani
Serena Tongiani Personal Image

Angelini Acraf

Serena Tongiani graduated from University Perugia, Italy, with a diploma in Pharmaceutical Science and received a PhD in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Science from University of Urbino, Italy.

From 2002 to 2005 she worked at the University of Kansas as research associate conducting research on new drug delivery technologies. During this time she synthesized and structurally characterized a new family of cyclodextrin derivatives with superior binding capacity, known as sulfoalkyl-alkyl ether cyclodextrins.  These derivatives provide a universal tool to formulate  more efficient anti-cancer drugs. They have superior binding ability and low toxicity levels and grant her the opportunity to work in projects funded by the National Cancer Institute.  In 2005 Dr. Tongiani joint Schering Plough Corporation, and started to work in the oral and solid formulation product development group. There she followed the development of new chemical entities from bench to commercialization scale up.

In 2010 she took over the position of Head of Preclinical Development departments in ACRAF, Angelini, located in Santa Palomba, Rome. In this responsibility she has led the non clinical research group to develop drug products for various therapeutic area supporting the company portfolio across multiple disease areas. Serena Tongiani in May 2011 became R&D Director of ACRAF, Angelini. As R&D director she balanced the Angelini R&D pipeline to include projects in early development in the main company core areas (Pain and Inflammation, Nervous System and Antinfectives) and projects that support the life cycle management of the products already included in the company portfolio. She also started a dynamic approach to the Angelini’s R&D pipeline that gained to the group several partnerships with center of excellence around the world.

In 2015 Serena was appointed Chief Scientific Officer in Angelini with an overall responsibility for the portfolio development, supervising also the Business Development and regulatory affairs activities.

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