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Anton Alldrick

Anton Alldrick
Anton Alldrick Personal Image


Anton Alldrick was born in Wednesbury England in 1955.
He studied at the University of London, obtaining a BSc in Biochemistry in 1976 and a PhD (studying the genetics of bacterial drug metabolism) in 1980.
From 1980 through 1981 he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Maryland Baltimore County working on the molecular biology of ultraviolet light damage in bacteria.
In 1981 he returned to the UK and joined BIBRA International as a research and regulatory toxicologist, specialising in the effects of diet on carcinogen metabolism from there he moved to the Flour Milling & Baking Research Association (now part of Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association, CCFRA) in 1990; where he has held a number of management positions and is currently employed as a Special Projects Manager.
In his current position he provides consultancy and project management services in the areas of quality management, product/process design and optimisation as well as the application of developments in nutrition and toxicology to the food industry.
In recent years he has been particularly active in the areas of functional foods, food allergy and mycotoxins.
His clients include the food industry, government organisations and legal firms.
He has written over 60 publications aimed at either scientific or industrial audiences.

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