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Bogdan Comanita

Bogdan Comanita
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Dr. Bogdan Comanita has a rich and diversified background in chemical engineering, organic chemistry and business. On the technical side he has held positions both in the private and public sector such as the National Research Council of Canada, Apotex Pharmachem and P. Poni Institute of Macromolecular Science. Bogdan’s work experience is multidimensional: from polymer manufacturing to active pharmaceuticals, surface treatment to natural product synthesis, gas phase to solid state chemistry, fundamental to applied R&D, bench scale to industrial scale; he authored more than fifty papers and patents across all these fields, including publications in top chemistry magazines or worldwide, EU, US and Canadian patents.
This breadth and depth of experience facilitates his quick understanding of market relevant technical, scientific, regulatory and IP aspects of the entire spectrum of the chemical industry.
On the business side he acted in various capacities such as director of marketing and sales Europe for Penn Specialty Chemicals, director of global business development with for Apotex Fermentation and director marketing and sales Pennakem, a member company of the Minfin group.
In particular, Dr. Comanita is recognized as a thought leader in marketing sustainable solutions, a hot topic in today’s business environment. He developed from scratch global biobased chemicals markets including 2-methyltetrahydrofuran, the fastest growing solvent market today.
He was a lead strategist with the Washington DC based ACS Green Chemistry Institute Chemical Manufacturers Roundtable and sat on the advisory board of several green-chemistry events organized by Infocast in US and GreenPower in EU. Recently, Dr. Comanita was an invited speaker to SOCMA Peer Marketing & Sales Group, the highest professional body of market specialists in the chemical industry in US. Dr. Comanita established MarketChemica to help investors and executives in the chemical and biotech industry distill complex business inputs in market strategies that work. In fact, MCh is the only marketing company specialized in the fine and specialty chemicals providing integrated market research, market intelligence and market communications services for the small and medium size segment.
MCh draws its competitive advantage from a combination of a global network of marketing specialists on the ground and cutting edge techniques such as data mining of specialized import-export, technical, scientific and commercial databases around the world. Dr. Comanita holds a MBA degree in Finance & International Management from Richard Ivey School of Business, a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Ottawa and a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Asachi Technical University.
Dr. Comanita’s joins our Editorial Board to spearhead the new business section of our magazine in an effort to facilitate crosspollination of ideas between business and technical processes in the fine and specialty chemical enterprise.
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