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Denis Poncelet

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Doctor of Science from Liège University (Belgium), I have worked in Canada as researcher and adjunct professor at McGill University for 6 years (1986-1992).
Back in France, I worked as senior researcher at Flamel Technologies (Lyon) and be hired as full professor of biochemistry at ENSAIA (Nancy) in 1993.
In 1999, I moved to Nantes at Oniris in Food engineering department and integrate the French National Council laboratory GEPEA.
I devoted the last 30 years on the development of micro encapsulation system from fondamental (chemistry, physico-chemistry) to very applied research (optimization of industrial process up to several tons per weeks).
In 1992, I created the Bioencapsulation Research Group international association and organized more than 60 conferences on micro encapsulation.
I am author of near to 100 scientific articles, 20 book chapters and more than hundred presentations at international conferences.

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