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Dominique Roberge

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My undergraduate and master degrees in chemical engineering were completed at Laval University (Quebec City, Canada) in 1996. I then obtained my doctoral degree at the University of Technology Aachen (Germany) in the field of heterogeneous catalysis in 2001. Afterwards, I joined Lonza in March 2001 and was a Laboratory Head in charge of reaction engineering (calorimetry) and safety assessment. In February 2003, Lonza started a new project called Microreactor Technology where I became the Project Leader until July 2007. From August 2007 to July 2008, I worked as an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa (Canada). I re-joined Lonza in September 2008 with the goal to pursue Flow/Microreactor Technology development. I was responsible of business development from 2009 to 2012 and, since May 2013, I am the Head of the Visp Chemical Manufacturing Technologies, which include Flow and Microreactors. I am also Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa and still supervising graduate students.

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