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Jean-Marie Bassett

Jean-Marie Bassett
Jean-Marie Bassett Personal Image


Jean-Marie Bassett, born in the London area, is half-British/half-French, but now living in The Netherlands, (so fairly European), graduated in Chemistry at London University. He took his PhD at Bristol University in Organometallic Chemistry and completed his academic career in organometallics at the Technical University Munich with a Royal Society European Fellowship, followed by the City University London, before joining Royal Dutch Shell Research in Amsterdam. Combining the qualities of a scientific education and business instincts, Jean-Marie embarked on a career in business development and product management for Fine Chemicals and Specialities at Shell, Boehringer Mannheim, FRP Services and Helm before finally joining TNO in Delft. At TNO, the Dutch Applied Research organisation, he has been active in setting up the business in innovative technologies for chemicals processing. Now Jean-Marie is an independent consultant operating under the name Chem4Chem. Jean-Marie has published about 20 articles in organometallics and later in technology development. For relaxation Jean-Marie plays golf, reads medieval history and plays the piano when nobody is around!

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