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Klaus Laue

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Klaus Laue studied Chemistry at the University of Münster, Germany, and the University of Toledo, USA. For his Ph.D. studies he joined the working group of Prof. Haufe (Münster) and worked on stereoselective synthesis and fluorine chemistry. As post-doctoral fellow he changed his focus to homogeneous catalysis and had the opportunity to stay for one year in the working group of Prof. R. Noyori at Nagoya University (Japan).
In 2000 Klaus began his industrial career with Carbogen Amcis ( Switzerland). Starting off as a research chemist he became promoted to a project leader within two years and was responsible for numerous scale-ups of API´s for of clinical development. After eight years in process R&D, he was appointed as a manager of a pilot plant (under GMP). Two years later he took the responsibility for a multi-purpose plant for the production of highly active API´s. Beside the work in his plant in Switzerland, he implemented and validated a cleaning process in a HiPo plant at the mother company Dishman (near Ahmedabad, India).
In 2012 Klaus went back into process R&D as a group leader at Solvias. He is now working with a group offering comprehensive process development and catalytic screening service for homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts using high throughput screening work flow. This group is specialised in in integral projects involving various groups like catalysis and process development, manufacturing, analytical and solid state development.

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