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Rob Winwood

Rob Winwood Personal Image

Winwood Bioscience

Rob Winwood PhD, CSci FIFST is a member of DSM’s global Nutritional Science and Advocacy group based in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, though actually works most of the time out his home office in the curiously named, tiny English village of Helions Bumpstead. Long ago, he studied for his honours degree and doctorate in Food Science at the Polytechnic of the South Bank (London) and Nottingham University in the UK.

Rob has held a series of senior technical and business development positions in various global food ingredient companies including Martek Biosciences, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), Kelco International and Tunnel Avebe Starches.  

Rob is currently the scientific vice-chair of CRN UK. He is a specialist in lipid nutrition, micronutrient nutrition and fermentation. He is a long-standing member of the scientific committee of the global trade organisation GOEDomega3.  A group he chaired for 4 years. He also sits on the science committee of the European Omega 3 organisation Arbeits Kreiss Omega 3. He also serves on the nutrition committee of EUFIC (European Food Information Council) and is a member of the Vitafoods Executive Advisory Board.

He is the curator and science editor of the website. NUTRI-FACTS, is a high-quality information source about essential micronutrients for consumers, healthcare professionals and media representatives.

Rob has a particular interest in the effects of lipids and micronutrients on chronic diseases. He has authored numerous scientific publications and has been an invited speaker at many conferences around the globe. He has also made appearances on UK national radio and television including the “Food Unwrapped” series on UK Channel 4. You can see him in action at the European Society of Cardiologists on the following link:

In his spare time, Rob involves himself with extreme gardening, touring the UK with a tiny caravan and trying to beat his banjos, mandolins, harmonicas and guitars into submission.

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