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Rosella Koning

Rosella Koning Personal Image

Friesland Campina

Rosella Koning obtained her scientific background via two Master’s degrees, in Nutrition & Health and Food Safety at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. For two years she worked at Dutch food innovation company TOP B.V. Here she focused on expanding business by scientific backing of their innovative preservation technologies to elongate shelf life and food safety with remaining product freshness. Thereafter she worked for close to 2 years in the New Business Development department at Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH, based in Germany. Here her focus was on the development of innovative food ingredients by exploring both the scientific opportunities as well as in-depth market analysis. From mid 2016 till mid 2017 she joined the Nederlands Bakkerij Centrum / Foodbase as project manager within the Marketing and Communication team in the Netherlands. From mid 2017 onwards she joined Friesland Campina as product manager.

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