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Valérie Séjourné

Valérie Séjourné
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With a marketing and communication background, Valérie Séjourné started a career with Unilever’s Corporate and Environmental Affairs Department in Kingston (UK).
After some time with the French Energy and Environment Agency in Lyon (France) as Communications Manager, she joined A.I.S.E. (the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance products) in 1997 in Brussels, to coordinate the development and implementation across Europe of a major voluntary industry initiative: the A.I.S.E. Code of Good Environmental Practice.
She then took over the management of A.I.S.E.’s communication activities, ranging from the organisation of activities at corporate level (organisation of Information Days, congresses, etc) and at project level, with the development by A.I.S.E. of several new voluntary initiatives in the field of chemicals safety (such as the HERA project) or sustainability (such as the Charter for Sustainable Cleaning) .
As Director Communication Affairs at A.I.S.E., she is involved in supporting with her team the vast majority of the European detergent and maintenance products industry’s priorities, in close interaction with A.I.S.E. ‘s members and external stakeholders.

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