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Walter Navarrini

Walter Navarrini
Walter Navarrini Personal Image

University of Milan

Walter Navarrini graduated in Chemistry at the University of Milano in 1982. In 1985 he obtained a postgraduate degree at the Politecnico of Milano with a thesis on the oxidation of aromatic compounds at the School “Perfezionamento in Metodologie Chimiche e Analitiche della Chimica Organica Fine, A. Quilico”. In 1985 he obtained a postgraduate position at Clemson University, S.C., USA, working on the synthesis and reactivity of perfluoro oxaziridines. The research project was oriented towards the development of perfluorinated oxaziridines and epoxides in the group of Prof. D. D. DesMarteau.
In 1987 Walter joined Ausimont, now Solvay-Solexis SPA, as senior chemist working on basic research in fluorine chemistry at the research center “Istituto Donegani” in Novara, Italy, The research was focused on new “formally unsaturated” fluorinated monomers like perfluoro oxaziridines and diaziridines.
In 1990 Walter became responsible for the Ausimont “Advanced Fluorine Chemistry Group” at the “Istituto Donegani”. In that period he directed the research towards new synthetic methodologies for the preparation of perfluoropolyether monomers as well as perfluoro sulfonic monomers.
In 1991 he moved with his group to the Ausimont R&D Center in Bollate, near Milano, while maintaining a leadership position in the “Advanced Fluorine Chemistry Group” at the Ausimont R&D Center. Here the research was primarily focused on the industrial development of the organic hypofluorites technology for the preparation of linear and cyclic fluoro-vinylether monomers. These studies allowed the identification of new industrial methodology assets for the preparation of perfluorinated monomers as well as amorphous and crystalline fluoropolymers. An appropriate extension of this technology to functionalized ipofluorite led to the development of a new industrial methodology for the preparation of perfluorinated ionomers for fuel cells and lithium battery applications.
In 1999 Walter became responsible for a three-year research cooperative project between Ausimont and “La Sapienza” University in Rome. The project was focused on the generation of new lithium battery electrolytes based on SSC perfluorinated ionomeric material.
In 2003, following Ausimont acquisition by Solvay to form Solvay-Solexis, he obtained the Fellow position as consultant on perfluoropolyethers peroxides chemistry and new perfluoro-vinylether monomers preparation.
Since March 2005 Walter is professor at the Politecnico of Milano, assigned to the Solvay-Solexis academic chair at the Politecnico di Milano, where he joined the Nano Structured Fluorinate Material group directed by Prof. G. Resnati.
Walter is the inventor of more than 60 international patents on hypofluorites, perfluorodiacyl peroxide, perfluorinated monomer, perfluororubber, new perfluorinated amorphous material, ionomeric material for lithium battery electrolytes, new environmental friendly hydrofluorocarbons, HFE (HydroFluoroEthers) products and innovative methodology preparation.
The current scientific interests are centred on perfluoropolyether in biochemical applications, surface modification by means of free radical as well as ionic fluorination reagents.

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