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- 11/25/2019

Two recent human clinical trials establish Algae Health Science’s AstaZine® as the Astaxanthin category leader for brain health

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Algae Health Sciences, a division of BGG, announced the peer-reviewed publication of two double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials using AstaZine® on brain health.  

In the first study (done in USA), significant improvements in three critical markers including feelings of depression, mental fatigue and overall mood state [psychological well-being] were found after 8 weeks in healthy subjects aged 26 to 63 years (median age = 42) taking AstaZine® (Talbott, 2019).  In addition, trends toward improvement in other important mental health parameters such as tension, anger and mental confusion were found through AstaZine® supplementation. 

The second study (done in Japan) looked at very different yet crucial aspects of brain health.  The subjects in this study were healthy adults who were experiencing mild forgetfulness. After twelve weeks taking AstaZine®, the treatment group showed a statistically significant improvement versus placebo on two tests for cognitive function and memory.  Both verbal and composite memory significantly improved as tested by Cognitrax (a computerized testing system used to monitor and measure brain performance). In addition, subjective assessment of symptoms such as remembering people’s names and the names of things were judged by the AstaZine® group as having significantly improved (Sekikawa, 2019).  

These two studies are particularly significant because they establish AstaZine® as the leading Astaxanthin product for brain health, a quickly growing category in the supplement industry. 

“We’re extremely pleased to have two additional successful clinical trials for AstaZine® under our belt,” remarked Yanmei Li, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of BGG.  “Our goal is to maintain a leadership role in the botanical sector through innovation and continuing scientific discoveries.”  

Talbott, S., Hantla, D., Capelli, B., Ding, L., Li, Y., Artaria, C.  “Astaxanthin Supplementation Reduces Depression and Fatigue in Healthy Subjects.”  EC Nutrition 14.3 (2019): 239-246.  

Sekikawa, T., Kizawa, Y., Li, Y., Takara., T.  “Cognitive Function Improvement with Astaxanthin Intake:  A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study.” Pharmacometrics 97 (1/2) 1-13 (2019).

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