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- 11/09/2023


HPC Today

When it comes to their skin, consumers’ main concern is the way it looks, especially when put in the context of aging. In the course of decades of aging, skin changes dramatically. A wrinkle which wasn’t there when we were young, will become slightly visible in our thirties. In our fifties it will be an almost irreversible feature. In our seventies, normally, wrinkles are a part of who we are. The same goes for sagging of skin. Skin loses its firmness and elasticity with aging and gravity takes over. People, especially those who have oily skin, will see that, with aging, their pores become increasingly visible until, at some point, they become an esthetic burden and a worry for them.


Skin aging is a slow process. Most of the biological processes which drive aging, take place ‘under the radar.’ We don’t feel anything and we don’t see anything, until it is virtually too late. Luckily, a big shift in the mentality of the consumer is visible. Modern consumers, much more so than in the past, focus on health. They are interested in healthy living, a healthy diet, but also in skincare which is good for skin health. Putting this in the context of skin aging, consumers have a much more preventive approach nowadays.


CLR Berlin GmbH puts a large emphasis on understanding consumer concerns and the consumer’s mentality to deal with these concerns and transfers this knowledge to a scientific approach on basis of which it develops its active ingredients. With that, it ensures that its active ingredients are effective and relevant, both from a scientific and consumer perspective. Based on this consumer-to-science-to-consumer approach products like G+C Complex CLR™, CutiFine CLR™ and many more of its cosmetic active ingredients have been developed.


G+C Complex CLR™ is CLR’s latest active ingredient based on research which started in the 1970s, concerning the use of lysates of probiotic bacteria for the benefit of skin. G+C Complex CLR™ supports the skin cells with dealing with the above-mentioned biological processes which drive skin aging. It helps synchronize the chronobiology of skin and helps strengthen skin cells’ immunological capacity to compensate for the skin aging processes.


CutiFine CLR™ also works on the cellular level. It acts on all processes which make skin pores more conspicuous, making it an important active ingredient for the modern consumer.



For more information, please contact our official distributor for Italy, Inquiaroma S.r.l.

CutiFine CLR™

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