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- 10/08/2019

Vidya Herbs highlights SKIN-CERA®, for both oral and topical hydrating and anti-ageing products

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Extracted from Japanese Konjac and standardized in phytoceramides, SKIN-CERA® is a 100% natural clinically proven ingredient for both oral and topical beauty applications. SKIN-CERA® reinforces the skin barrier function & slows down the visible signs of ageing, naturally.


The active ingredient is supported with both oral and topical clinical results*:

– Oral prospective clinical study:
A single-blind parallel placebo-controlled prospective oral study was performed on 40 subjects during 6 weeks (+2 weeks post-treatment follow-up) to evaluate the efficacy of SKIN-CERA® (2x50mg/day) to improve skin health and monitor potential adverse effects. At each visit, subjects received a physical examination, checking of their vital signs, and a skin examination by a dermatologist assessing different parameters (scoring). SKIN-CERA® treatment was shown to be significantly effective on reducing the dryness score, the itching
score, the age-spot score and on increasing the overall dermatological status score.

– Topical clinical study:
A double-blind randomized topical clinical study was performed on 34 subjects during 12 weeks to evaluate the efficacy of SKIN-CERA® (1% in a cream, 2 applications a day) to improve visible signs of skin ageing and monitor potential adverse effects. Different types of evaluations were conducted (instrumental assessments, dermatologists’ visual assessments and self-assessments) in order to evaluate the ability of the cream to improve skin hydration and smoothness, reduce wrinkles and age-spots and improve skin tone. After 12 weeks, the skin was shown to be significantly: +37% more hydrated (corneometry), +45% smoother (self-assessment), -25% wrinkled (Antera3D®), +27% firmer (self-assessment), +46% even tone (self-assessment), +6% brighter (VISIA), +8% lighter age spots (VISIA). The 1% SKIN-CERA® cream was found to reinforce the skin barrier function and slows down the visible signs of ageing.

The ingredient can be used in both oral and topical applications in various delivery oral formats like tablets, capsules and softgels, and topical creams, making it easier to meet different consumer preferences. It is ideal for combined “in&out” concepts. SKIN-CERA® is US Patented, allergen free, non-GMO, and suitable for vegan.


* Results based on independent studies conducted by Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd. Results are not validated by US FDA or EFSA.

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