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- 04/24/2019

Vidya Herbs is excited to launch three new sustainable innovations in the botanical extracts range at Vitafoods 2019, Geneva

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Vidya Herbs, leading manufacturer of organic and conventional herbal extracts and natural carotenoids, will be present this year at Vitafoods Europe, Geneva (stand #H30).

Vidya Herbs will showcase its latest developments in the botanical extracts range.

  1. SFTTM (Six Featured Technology) Range

It is highly innovative technique developed by Vidya Herbs which applies a simple natural excipient and a special processing technology which allow to make uniform size microbeadlets. These microbeadlets are free flowing, non-staining and easy to handle during the production of tablets or capsules.

This range was specifically developed to overcome the production issues faced by the customers globally. Turmeric extract is one of them and is well known for its staing and flowability issues. In order to address these problems faced by the industry, Vidya Herbs has developed PuremericTM in the SFT microbeaflets grade, which guaranttees sustainable and clea label turmeric extract with 95% curcuminoids.

Vidya has six extracts in the SFT range and can work with customers on other extracts to overcome production issues : Turmeric, Ginger, Tamarind, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil and Fenugreek.


Tumeric is a Spice that Supports Your Body’s Astonishing Immune System and antioxidant.

Sunflower with leaves isolated on white background.

The six key advantages of the SFT are as follows :

  • Excellent flowability of the extract to create unrestrcited circulation which makes it easy to use in any equipment.
  • Low capcity to emit dust considerably reduces losses, cross-contamination, equipment and clothing staining which is illustrated by an 80% reduction in terms of time, cleaning and therefore costs.
  • The structure and size of the beadlets are perfect for direct compression and for manufacturing capsules.
  • The shape of the microbeadlets reduces hygroscopicity and protects active principles.
  • Its composition is 100% natural and 100% clean label.
  • SFT TM range is part of the Full-iDTM label and is therefore 100% sustainable.
  1. SuncaTM

SuncaTM is a sunflower extract with 40% chlorogenic acids (CGA) and clinically proven (randomised, single blinded and placebo controlled) for its weight loss benefits (body weight, BMI, waist circumference, fat mass). It also helps in regulating lipid metabolism. The advantage with SuncaTM is that it free free from caffeine and a sustainable ingredient.


  1. SkinceraTM

Skincera is a Japanese Konjac extract standardized with 5% ceramides and clinically proven for its beauty from within benefits in skincare. Some parameters like dryness, hyperpigmentation, redness, itching and oiliness were studied during the 6 weeks clinical trial (randomised, single blinded and placebo controlled) and significant results were observed. Since plant ceramides are chemically identical to the ones found in human skin cells, this ingredient has the potential to provide continous maintenance through supplementation. The ingredient is efficacious in various delivery formats like tablets, capsules and sofgels, making it easier to meet different consumer preferences.

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