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- 04/15/2019

Visit JenKem Technology at Booth 1014 at 2019 CPhI North America

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Visit JenKem Technology at the 2019 CPhI North America, Booth 1014 to discuss how we can assist with PEG and PEGylation needs, from laboratory through commercial scale, and learn about our recently launched new PEG product lines for siRNA delivery, 3D Printing, and Click Chemistry.

JenKem Technology is a private company that has been in business globally for over 17 years, with headquarters in Beijing, China. The company is dedicated to polyethylene glycol (PEG) derivatives, PEGylation, and conjugation of PEGs to other polymer systems, from R&D through GMP commercial scale.

JenKem Technology’s primary R&D, production, scale-up, and GMP manufacturing of PEG derivatives is based out of a new plant in Tianjin, China that came on-steam in early 2014. A new plant located in Panjin, China, opened in the summer of 2017, prepares all ethylene oxide polymerizations to polyethylene glycols. JenKem Technology USA handles the sales of JenKem® PEGs and PEGylation services to customers outside mainland China.

JenKem Technology Cell-Penetrating Peptide PEG-Based Delivery System for siRNA Drugs

Gene therapy has become the forefront of research in the field of theranostics. siRNA drugs are easily degraded by nucleases in vivo and their high molecular weight, negative charge, and hydrophilicity inhibit their ability to permeate through the cell membrane.  JenKem Technology recently introduced novel Cell Penetrating Peptide PEG derivatives capable to transport siRNA efficiently through the cell membrane and to release siRNA into the cytoplasm. Successful cellular uptake of siRNA and a high gene-silencing efficacy of the delivered siRNA were confirmed by in-vivo studies.


JenKem Technology PEG Reagents for 3D Printing Tissue Scaffolds

Hydrophilic hydrogels made with activated PEGs have potential as 3D scaffolds for artificial tissue and organ manufacture, however existing small molecule photo-initiators for 3D printing show strong cytotoxicity. JenKem Technology developed a novel photo-initiator that exhibits good water solubility, biocompatibility, and low cytotoxicity. Using this novel photo-initiator, JenKem® PEG-based hydrogel formulations can be 3D printed via SLA into low toxicity, biocompatible transparent hydrogels with well-defined shapes, useful for tissue and organ engineering, and 3D cell culture.

JenKem Technology PEG Reagents for Click Chemistry


Click reactions are rapid and quantitative, and have high efficiency, selectivity, and few or

no by-products under mild reaction conditions. JenKem Technology developed novel PEG-cyclooctyne derivatives with good water solubility and biocompatibility which react with azides without the traditional Copper(I) catalyst, thus eliminating the cytotoxicity problems of the traditional click chemistry. These derivatives are suitable for drug delivery to prolong half-life, and reduce immunogenicity and toxicity; either in combination with a drug molecule via PEGylation, or as part of hydrogels.

Visit our website, to learn about these recently launched PEG product lines.