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- 04/16/2021

Vytrus reimagines skin care with a new Vit D booster

HPC Today

Vytrus Biotech, the company specialised in cosmetic active ingredients from plant stem cells, has just unveiled its latest launch: NECTARIA LITHOPS, the cell Nectar for a D-Skin. But what does the D-SKIN concept mean?

Our skin needs the light to be healthy and produce the essential Vitamin D: the sun vitamin. Vit D levels are critically decreased due to the hectic lifestyles, mainly in-house habits, and an excess of sun protection cream use. An issue that can naturally be faced by cosmetics, as Vytrus Biotech will show to the public.

The biotech company is willing to challenge skin care and proposes a new natural active ingredient that significantly ignites the production of Vit D by epidermal cells to strengthen, revitalize, volumize, and glow the faded skin, achieving the desired ‘D-Skin’. A new concept for cosmetic formulators that look for clean, efficient, and revolutionary ingredients to meet today’s consumers’ requirements.

This new plant-based active ingredient will revolve around interesting concepts such as boosting of skin dewiness & glow, skin-deep layer hydration, microcirculation, amongst other discoveries that fit into current consumers’ demands.

The new product will exclusively be presented virtually on April 20th in two private webinar sessions hosted and organised by Vytrus Biotech on the hands of Òscar Expósito (CEO, CSO & co-founder).


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