Changing Tack in the Sea Change - A 360 Degree View on CDMO Risk Management (Recorded version)


Supply Risk Management leaped to the top of key success factors in mid-2020 according to Chemistry Today’s CDMO annual panel discussion1. This is a clear breakaway from the decades old strategic triad: QualityRegulatory and Reliability.

This webinar focuses on Risk Management in the CDMO space both from an external demand and supply perspective and from an internal operational point of view.

- How did the risk profile change for CDMOs?
- What might the future hold in store from a technical, regulatory and logistics perspective?
- Where should we head for safe shores?
- What business tools do we have to mitigate risk and how should we use them?

Executives, owners and investors monitoring the industry or guiding strategy planning and implementation will find new ideas on how to handle risk in the CDMO space.

1Roger Laforce, Bogdan Comanita, Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today - vol. 38(4) July/August 2020

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