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Every Wednesday, we will post interviews with our friends and clients via our official Linkedin channel.

We will ask them what news their companies have in store for us... and much more. 
Stay tuned and follow us! 💪🏽

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Frédéric Faure from ALGAIA

Silvana Maini interviewed Frédéric Faure, CEO at ALGAIA. The ALGAIA team offers sustainably-produced natural seaweed and other algal extracts and solutions for the Agro-Nutrition, Personal Care & Nutraceutical Industries.

Andreas Klein from Saltigo

Saltigo's long and proven expertise makes it one of the highly recognized companies in the field of exclusive synthesis and custom manufacturing. Andreas Klein, Head of Marketing & Sales at Saltigo, gave more insights recently during an interview with Chemistry Today.

Stephane Vouche from Lonza

Silvana Maini interviewed Stephane Vouche, Marketing Manager at Lonza Capsules and Health Ingredients.

July 8, 2020

Jens Kolind from Novozymes

Giulio Fezzardini interviewed Jens Kolind, VP Household Care Global Marketing at Novozymes A/S. Novozymes is the world leader in biological solutions. Together with customers, partners and the global community, they improve industrial performance while preserving the planet’s resources and helping to build better lives.  

Gianmarco Negrisoli from Flamma USA

Silvana Maini interviewed Gianmarco Negrisoli, President at Flamma USA. Flamma is a fully integrated cDMO that has a two cGMP facilities in Italy, a cGMP facility in the US & a cGMP/non-cGMP facility in China.

July 1, 2020

Rinus Broxterman from Innosyn

Silvana Maini interviewed Rinus Broxterman, CTO at Innosyn. InnoSyn provides services for all phases of process/product/technology development starting from idea generation all the way to running business.

June 24, 2020

Roland Kraut from DKSH

Silvana Maini interviewed Roland Kraut, Vice President Global Personal Care at DKSH. DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia. The Group helps companies to grow across the Business Units Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Performance Materials and Technology.


Alessandra Vizza from CORNING

Silvana Maini interviewed Alessandra Vizza, Business Director at Corning Reactor Technologies. Corning is one of the world's leading innovators in materials science, with a 169-year track record of life-changing inventions.

Michael Dennis from CAS

Silvana Maini interviewed Michael Dennis, Vice President at CAS. CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, partners with R&D organizations globally to provide actionable scientific insights that help them plan, innovate, protect their innovations, and predict how new markets and opportunities will evolve.

June 17, 2020

Beer Simon from BUSS ChemTech AG

Silvana Maini interviewed Beer Simon, CEO at BUSS ChemTech AG. The company BUSS ChemTech AG has a long history in the field of Gas-liquid reaction technology, phosgene generation, fluorine chemicals and much more. Watch the interview!

Pascal Ronfard from Solactis Group

Silvana Maini interviewed Pascal Ronfard, President at Solactis Group. Groupe SOLACTIS innovates in microbiota active ingredients. Watch the video and share it!!

June 10, 2020

Peter Hvorslev from IES

Silvana Maini interviewed Peter Hvorslev from IES. IES Ltd is an independent Swiss CRO offering services in the fields of environmental fate, ecotoxicology, metabolism and analytical chemistry.

Bjørn Refsum from EPAX Norway

Silvana Maini interviewed Bjørn Refsum from EPAX Norway, a company with 180 years of experience with premium quality marine ingredients. Watch the interview and discover more!

Leendert van den Bos from Enzytag

Silvana Maini interviewed Leendert van den Bos, CEO at EnzyTag. EnzyTag was founded in December 2018 as a spin-out of EnzyPep. Their goal is to develop improved synthetic routes for the manufacture of peptide-based new chemical entities (NCEs) and peptide-containing (bio)conjugates using the peptiligase technology. 

June 3, 2020

Oliver Rhode from XENOPS Chemicals

Silvana Maini interviewed Oliver Rhode, CEO of XENOPS Chemicals. XENOPS Chemicals was founded in 2016 as a specialist sourcing company focused on the fine chemical and life science industries worldwide. Watch the video and share it!!

Andrea Cusack & Pascale Clement from Leon-nanodrugs

Silvana Maini interviewed Andrea Cusack, CEO and Pascale Clement, CTO of leon-nanodrugs. It is estimated that over 80% of #pharmaceutical pipeline API’s are poorly soluble in water. Leon’s ‘enabling nano now’ value proposition delivers novel, ready to use, validated, #nano solutions that create value for partners and meets an unmet #medical need for patients. Watch the interview and share it!!

May 27, 2020

Stefano Butti from FPS

Silvana Maini interviewed Stefano Butti, Technical Sales Director of F.P.S. Food and Pharma Systems srl. They talked about the company history and Stefano commented the sentence on the website which says: "The starting point of a project is not our machine, but our customer need". 

Sergio Pissavini from Neurocare Italy

Silvana Maini talked with Sergio Pissavini, Managing Director of neuroCare Group Italy. NeuroCare provides safe and well-researched therapies for ADHD, depression, sleep problems, chronic pain and for rehabilitation, without the need for medication. Please watch and share this interview!

May 20, 2020

John Pickering from Innospec

Interview with Home Care, I&I Business Manager John Pickering who’s sharing Innospec Inc. continuous focus on new product development, sustainable solutions to reduce plastic and water in Home Care formulations and new opportunities to support customers’ needs within the recent Covid19 market trends.


Vettore Vanzetto & Andrea Maltagliati from ROELMI HPC

Giulio Fezzardini interviewed Vettore Vanzetto and Andrea Maltagliati from ROELMI HPC. They talked about the measurements taken from the company to protect employees while guaranteeing business continuity and how the company is seizing the new #opportunities and facing the #challenge of the #newhorizons in #cosmetics while everything is changing and uncertain.

May 13, 2020

Gilles Cottier from Aceto

Silvana Maini interviewed Gilles Cottier, Chief Executive Officer of Aceto. They talked about the acquisition of Syntor Fine Chemicals, but also about the production, the business areas in which Aceto is involved and much more!

May 6, 2020

Christian Somigliana and Cécile Kalem from BASF

Giulio Fezzardini talked with Christian and Cécile from BASF about the company challenge against the coronavirus pandemic. Cécile introduced the new product Scalposine™, a new active ingredient that reduces scalp sebum production and encourages beneficial strains of bacteria.

Dominique Sergi from Santanol

Giulio Fezzardini interviewed Dominique Sergi, Senior Sales Manager of Santanol - Pure Australian Sandalwood, a world leader in the production and supply of ethical, sustainable and reliable Australian grown Indian sandalwood Santalum album oil and products. Please visit the website to learn more:  

April 29, 2020

Marco Madeddu from IMCD Italia

For the first appointment, Tullio Parrella interviewed Marco Madeddu, Managing Director of IMCD Italia. Watch the video and discover how the company is reacting against the coronavirus pandemic and how important are digital investments in a situation like this. 

Paolo Paissoni and Simone Manzini from PROCOS

Silvia Baldina and Tullio Parrella interviewed Paolo Paissoni and Simone Manzini from PROCOS and talked with them about the brand new #ProcosUSA Team and the #Investments. Watch the video and share it!!

April 22, 2020

Dr. Michael Quirmbach from CordenPharma 

CEO Dr. Michael Quirmbach speaks with Silvia Baldina of Chemistry Today about continued support of internal & external business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis. Watch the video and share it!

Fred Zülli from Mibelle Biochemistry

Giulio Fezzardini interviewed Fred Zülli, the Managing Director of Mibelle Biochemistry. They talked about the company challenge against the COVID-19 crisis and the projects in the near future.   

Andrea Confetti and Alberto Faido from Dipharma

Our interview to Dipharma Francis S.r.l. about its new business model organisation and its new cGMP Suite in U.S. Andrea Confetti introduces the new Business Unit, dedicated to the CDMO activities. Alberto Faido talks about the new global sales organisation, which leverages the synergies with the BUs and enhances Dipharma presence in U.S.

April 15, 2020

Harald van der Hoeven from CLR Berlin

We talked to Harald van der Hoeven, Director Technical Marketing at CLR, about how CLR reacted to the current outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic by launching their latest product in a Virtual Exhibition and how 45 years of intensive research on the skin’s microbiome led to the development of CutiBiome CLR – an innovative active ingredient which provides essential support for the natural balance between skin and its microbiota in difficult situations like acne and dandruff.

Mathieu Lucot from LAITA

Tullio Parrella interviewed Mathieu from Epi ingredients, a Laita company, talking about the current measurements of the company against coronavirus and all the projects for the near future with a focus on dairy supply chain.

April 8, 2020

Pierfrancesco Morosini from Icrom SpA

We interviewed Pierfrancesco Morosini from Icrom SpA, who talked with Tullio Parrella about the company challenge against the current "coronavirus situation" and the projects in the near future.

Peter DeYoung from Piramal Global Pharma

Peter DeYoung speaks to Silvia Baldina about Piramal Group’s purpose of ‘Doing Well & Doing Good’, its Pharma Solutions business and shares a brief on why ‘Patient Centricity’ is a core philosophy and how its tied to the current pharma situation, globally.

Paul Martinez from Bormioli Pharma

Silvia Baldina talked with Paul about the 3 words reflecting the motto of the company: usability, connectivity, sustainability. Watch the video and share it!

April 1, 2020

Denis Angioletti from Cerbios

New investments, new website hightlighting what the market wants: services and products. Watch the interview and share it on Linkedin!!

Thierry Van Nieuwenhove from Minakem

In this video you can see and hear what Thierry said about the current coronavirus situation, the safe approach of the company to protect employees and customers, but more questions were asked to which He gave very explanatory and interesting answers.

Patti Saymour and Allie Sale from BDO

Patti, Managing Director at BDO USA talked with Silvia and Tullio about the current situation, the company approach, but also the latest news from BDO. Allie, Account Executive at Bliss Integrated Communication gave us some pills of social media managing and Linkedin network.

March 25, 2020

Christophe Amalric from WeylChem Lamotte

With the investment of over €5 million to upgrade its speciality chemicals assets at Lamotte in France, WeylChem Group of Companies enlarges the service offering with additional flexible equipment at a site that is managed by themselves. We talked with Christophe Amalric.

Luca Benati from FARAVELLI

In a situation like this, "smartworking" is the best solution for everyone to feel safe at home and Luca Benati said that "this situation was a very good test for something wich was already in the air, but this problem paradoxically pushed us to a very extreme and strong test".

Elena Kolaxidis and Stefano Togni from Indena

Indena is facing coronavirus fully operational. Since few months they decided to invest significantly in custom development activities and they have reinforced the R&D department dedicated to custom development projects.
So, Indena doesn't stop!

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