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- 10/16/2019

WeylChem – your supplier for Home and Personal Care ingredients

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WeylChem is a well-known supplier to the Consumer Care market in Home Care, Personal Care, Industrial & Institutional Cleaning and Technical Applications.

We develop and market sustainable chemical products and solutions for our customer. Our functional ingredients are based on innovative capacity and technical expertise. We provide extraordinary product quality and the best service to add value to our customers’ products and formulations.


Our product range of Home Care ingredients incorporate anionic surfactants (WeylClean® SAS), effective builder (WeylClean® SKS-6), bleach activators (Peractive® TAED) and bleach catalysts (WeylClean® FDO types).


WeylClean® SAS is a versatile anionic surfactant with outstanding surface-active properties like strong grease removal, excellent wetting behavior and good dermatological and toxicological compatibility.


WeylClean® SKS-6 is a modern builder system based on layered sodium disilicate, which improves alkalinity and buffering, softens water without forming precipitates and can absorb and carry liquid components helping to increase detergent compactness.


Peractive® TAED describes a range of effective bleach activators, which enables in combination with sodium percarbonate (SPC) or H2O2 the removal of bleachable stains from fabrics and dishes at temperatures from 30 to 60°C and additionally providing a high standard of hygiene by the in-situ generation of peracetic acid.


WeylClean® FDO types (e.g. the WeylClean® FDO XP) are robust catalyst co-granules for ultimate bleach performance and hygiene in automatic dishwashing (ADW) formulations down to 30°C . They combines two active ingredients in one robust granule: a powerful manganese-based bleach catalyst for tea stain removal and the bleach activator tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED).


For Personal Care applications WeylChem produces WeylCare® Allantoin, WeylCare® ATBS (a thickener which provides outstanding viscosity modifying properties over a wide pH range giving an extraordinary touch: smooth, light and fresh), preservative boosters like WeylCare® HexaPB and OctaPB.


If you like to learn know more about our broad and interesting product portfolio of ingredients for your formulations you are kindly invited to visit us at SEPAWA in Berlin at booth B321 from 23rd to 25th of October.

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