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- 03/06/2017

Ypso-Facto expands its software portfolio for developing chemical and bio-processes

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Ypso-Facto, a specialist in chemical and biochemical processes offering contract research, consulting and software, announces today that it will launch three new software solutions in 2017.
Ypso-Facto is currently developing innovative software for process evaluation. Based on proven technical considerations and complemented by a cost evaluation module, this powerful and user-friendly simulation tool is designed to match the approach and needs of chemists and biochemists. A first version will be presented mid-2017.
Ypso-Facto will also launch a software package for the simulation of Ion Exchange processes at the end of the year to expand its offering in purification processes.
Finally, Ypso-Facto will release the 2017 version of ChromWorksTM, its leading chromatographic process simulation software in the coming months.
“I believe that smart simulation tools are increasingly needed in our industry. Process development remains mainly experimental-based with a traditional trial-and-error approach, direct scale-up and simple use of statistical tools. I am convinced that the fine chemical and biochemical industries will evolve towards more digitally designed processes based on characterization and understanding of fundamental phenomena, just like the car or aeronautical industries did decades ago,” commented Roger-Marc Nicoud, President and CEO of Ypso-Facto.

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