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- 10/24/2016

Ypso-Facto invests 1.5 M€ to develop process simulation software

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Ypso-Facto, a specialist in chemical and biochemical processes, announces today the launch of its innovation program and a 1.5 million Euros investment to boost its software activity.
The company will build on ChromWorksTM, its chromatographic process simulation software, to further develop user-friendly simulation tools adapted to the needs of chemists and biochemists. “I believe that simulation tools are increasingly needed in our industry. Process development remains mainly experimental-based with direct scale-up and some use of statistical tools. I am convinced that we will evolve toward more digitally designed processes, just like the car or aeronautical industries did decades ago,” commented Roger-Marc Nicoud, President and CEO of Ypso-Facto.
The program will be financed in part by an interest-free loan from BPI France amounting 600 k€.

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