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- 10/02/2018

Ypso-Facto launches Ypso-Ionic®, a new software package enabling the simulation of ion exchange processes

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Ypso-Facto, a company specializing in the design of chemical and biotechnological processes, announces today the launch of its software package for the simulation of ion exchange processes, Ypso-Ionic®, which enables industrial users to develop and optimize robust processes efficiently.

Ypso-Ionic is a tool that fully models ionic interactions, including acid-base reactions and complexation equilibria. It enables the simulation of a wide variety of processes, such as amino-acid purification, organic acid recovery, desalting processes or hydrometallurgical extractions based on a minimum of experimental work. Thanks to the versatility of the tool, the user can virtually build and simulate any process and gain insight into the real-world processes’ performance.


“Today, well-established ion exchange processes are developed empirically, based on information and knowledge gathered over time. Hence new and challenging processes in need of optimization have very few tools to rely on for development,” said David Pfister, head of software development at Ypso-Facto. “We, at Ypso-Facto, are addressing this need with our brand new software.”


The software is based on the understanding and the modeling of physico-chemical phenomena. It allows users to thoroughly understand separation, enabling visualization of what is happening during the process. It also brings significant time-savings in process development by reducing the number of necessary experiments to a minimum and by identifying the optimal operating parameters to maximize process performance. Ypso-Ionic provides a sound data management system for experiments and simulations, all in a consistent format, which ensures dataset completeness and easy comparison. This will extend the software portfolio of the company, which already offers ChromWorks™, a software application for chromatographic processes.


“We are excited to launch Ypso-Ionic: for the first time, ion exchange processes can be developed taking into consideration both operational and theoretical aspects,” said Roger-Marc Nicoud, founder and president of Ypso-Facto. “We believe that Ypso-Ionic will be a great tool to develop robust processes efficiently, to access reliable economic and technical information rapidly. It will definitely speed up and bring peace of mind in the design and implementation of new processes since their performance will be known long before laying the corner stone for the production unit.”

Ypso-Ionic will be presented at SPICA 2018 in Darmstadt, Germany (7-10 October, Booth 14).