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- 01/10/2017

Arkema upgrades its Clear Lake Acrylics facility in North America

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

arkema clear lake facility upgradeArkema is investing US$90 million on its Clear Lake Texas site to replace existing acrylic acid production units with modern facilities using the latest available technologies. Thus Arkema will position the Clear Lake site among the most competitive in North America while meeting growing demand in the region.
As part of its operational excellence program, Arkema is upgrading a 90 kt/year acrylic acid capacity at its Clear Lake site. This investment will introduce new competitive, state-of-the-art manufacturing assets using the latest production technologies available.
The new units are expected to come on stream by mid-2019.
At this time, the total acrylic acid production capacity of the Clear Lake site will return to its previous 270 kt/year level.
In the meantime, Arkema will continue to meet customer demand from its American plants, which benefited from a previous modernization program between 2012 and 2014, as well as its European and Asian plants.
With this investment Arkema confirms its position as the number two producer of acrylic acid in North America, and its strong position to meet the growing demand in markets such as superabsorbents, coatings and adhesives, polymers for water treatment, and enhanced oil and gas recovery.