TKS Event Organiser and Chemtrix BV are pleased to announce their collaboration for the 3rd Flow Chemistry Pavilion at Achema 2024.


For the third time, ACHEMA features a dedicated ‘Flow Chemistry Pavilion’, located in Hall 9.0, focusing on continuous process engineering and its applications.

The Flow Chemistry Pavilion is a dedicated area for Flow Chemistry Companies to showcase their very latest continuous manufacturing solutions, covering all aspects of process technology from up- and down-stream applications to fluid handling. The Flow Chemistry Pavilion will have high visibility via additional on-site branding, together with marketing and advertising opportunities ahead of and throughout the event.

A two-day Symposium will be arranged in order to attract visitors to the Flow Chemistry Pavilion. Organized by tks | publisher, event organiser, media agency, in conjunction with DECHEMA, the Flow Chemistry Symposium is free to attend and will take place in Symmetrie 3 – Hall 8.1 on June 12-13.












At the Flow Chemistry Pavilion, there will be a Symposium aimed at increasing the footfall to the Pavilion. Building on the success of the previous editions in 2018 and 2022. Delegates can attend it for free. All exhibitors and the Flow Chemistry Community have the opportunity to apply for a presentation slot at the Flow Chemistry Pavilion Symposium.
Chairperson: Dr. Gayle De Maria.


During this engaging symposium, participants will delve into the revolutionary realm of Flow Chemistry, guided by renowned academics and industry experts. The sessions will feature compelling case studies, placing a spotlight on the groundbreaking capabilities of continuous manufacturing technology. 

1. Control Over Product Quality: Uncover how continuous manufacturing ensures an unparalleled level of control over product quality. Explore real-world examples showcasing how a seamless flow of chemical processes minimizes variations, resulting in consistent and high-quality pharmaceuticals. 

2. Cost-Effectiveness: Gain insights into the economic advantages of continuous manufacturing. Discover how streamlined processes and reduced downtime translate into significant cost savings, offering a compelling case for the adoption of this innovative approach. 

3. Sustainability: Explore the role of continuous manufacturing in championing sustainability within the pharmaceutical industry. Learn how this approach minimizes waste, reduces energy consumption, and contributes to a more environmentally friendly production process. 

4. Accelerated Timelines: Delve into the transformative impact of continuous manufacturing on drug production timelines. Witness how the continuous flow model significantly shortens the journey from development to market, fostering a more agile and responsive pharmaceutical industry. 

This content-rich symposium promises not only to inform but to inspire. Participants will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how Flow Chemistry and continuous manufacturing are reshaping the pharmaceutical landscape, and how they can leverage these innovations for professional growth and success.


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Partecipating companies – EXHIBITORS

Alongside the presentations and discussions there is an exhibition area highlighting the tools available to leverage the benefits of flow chemistry, responding to an increasing demand for adaptability and resource efficiency within the chemical manufacturing landscape.




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