Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today is a peer reviewed, bimonthly journal, of the TKS TeknoScienze Publisher.

It deals with Fine Chemicals, Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology.
Founded in 1983 Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today soon became a leading journal in linking industry and academia and gained an immediate appreciation worldwide.

ISSN 0392-839X, EISSN 1973-8250

Yearly, this journal receives IMPACT FACTOR from Thomson Reuters and Scopus.

News from Companies

Robinson Brothers celebrates 150

Established in 1869, Robinson Brothers competes across the world in fine chemica...

Design and Optimise your Chemical

We are convinced that the future of the fine chemicals and biochemicals industri...

Umicore expands its cross-couplin

Umicore has expanded its cross-coupling catalyst portfolio with the availability...

SK Biotek your partner in develop

SK Biotek is a leader in development of custom cGMP Chemical Manufacturing of AP...

Seqens: a cross functional knowle

SEQENS offers a wide continuum of technologies coveringsmall-scale to large-scal...

Parr Flow Chemistry Systems show

Parr Tubular Reactors provide standard catalyst packing volumes from 10 cc – 1...

RiboBio – Asia’s Leading cGMP

RiboBio is Asia’s largest oligonucleotide-based drug manufacturer. RiboBio pro...

Nanoform receives Seal of Excelle

Nanoform has been awarded with a Seal of Excellence from the European Commission...

Looking for more efficient manner

Microinnova Engineering is specialized in process development and plant engineer...

News from Science

DNA nanorobots target HER2-positi

The team designed DNA nanorobots consisting of the tFNA with...

Self-healing DNA nanostructures

Researchers have developed several approaches to stabilize t...

Light and nanotechnology combined

In a recent study published researchers have devised a novel...

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