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H&PCToday – Household and Personal Care Today is a peer reviewed, bimonthly journal, of the TKS TeknoScienze Publisher.

It deals with Personal Care, Cosmetics, Dermatology, Home Care and I&I
Founded in 2003 as a supplement to the leading journal Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today,  H&PCToday gained an immediate appreciation and soon became a new independent publication distributed worldwide.

ISSN 2035-4614, EISSN 2035-47

News from the Companies

BASF – PeptAIde™ 4.0 –

PeptAIde™ 4.0, a new active ingredient from BASF, offers a safe and nature-bas...


Solubilizer is a class of ingredient generally used to incorporate oil-based ing...

INNOSPEC – Sustainable solu

We recognize that being a responsible business is key to our continued success. ...

GREENTECH: Make your skin Mask-Fr

Protect oneself became a prime concern. Skin is not used to be mask-locked-down ...

STEPANQUAT® Soleil, a flower-pow

STEPANQUAT® Soleil is a novel hair conditioning quat that offers a better story...


ROELMI HPC presents three sustainable cases of integrated supply chains resultin...

Zschimmer & Schwarz –

Zschimmer & Schwarz is an innovative, globally active chemical company. Ensuring...

Siltech offers luxurious foaming

Foam appearance is critical to cleansing in the mindset of many consumers. Silt...

NabionTM, an effective sustainabl

NabionTM is an all-in-one and eco-friendly builder. It is a fully water-soluble ...

News from Science

A flexible color-changing film in

Chameleons can famously change their colors to camouflage th...

Sustainable Beauty Award Finalist

Ecovia Intelligence has announced the finalists of the 2020 ...

You’re Using Disinfectants Wron

Sure, you’ve got a product that says “kills germs” und...

Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

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