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Founded in 1983 Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today
soon became a leading journal in linking industry
and academia and gained an immediate
appreciation worldwide.
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Founded in 1990 Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech
soon became a leading journal in linking industry
and academia and gained an immediate
appreciation worldwide.

Chemistry Today

September/October 2019

Circular economy is a milestone towards a genuinely sustainable economy

VTT launched a roadmap towards a sustainable economy highlighting a route from waste recycling to intelligent asset management and ensuring sufficiency of the crucial resources in future.
According to VTT circular economy is a route towards genuinely sustainable economy in which material, information and value circulate together. Sustainability of ...

Modern flow photochemistry: case studies in reaction development toward industrial scale processing

In recent years, a significant amount of research has focused on the development of photochemical transformations, whose eventual scale up will likely involve the use of continuous flow processing. The light-dependent behaviour of different photochemical reactions can vary to a significant extent, particularly when examining complex systems with more than ...

Millireactors with prismatic static mixers for synthesis of dibenzalacetone

Company research departments and institutes have just begun to adopt technologies of Additive Manufacturing (AM), such as 3D-printing to make prototypes and produce individual components. One of the examples how AM can be used in flow chemistry is producing special types of reactors for continuous production. In this paper, an approach for producing milli ...

Continuous chemistry and cGMP manufacture of pharmaceuticals Continuous chemistry: real-world application

A short review of the use of continuous processing in the manufacture of cGMP pharmaceuticals at kilo scale.


  • CFRT

Men’s cells die under stres

Men's cells die under particular conditions of stress while women's cells resist and survive, according to a new study f...

Microfluidic devices made of wood

Researchers reporting in ACS’ journal Analytical Chemistry have developed versatile microfluidic chips made of a renew...

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2019 to John B. Goodenough, M. S...

Agro Food

July/August 2019

A liquid phospholipid formulation of a Curcumin extract with high concentration of phosphatidylcholine ...

The use of curcumin as dietary supplement to ameliorate inflammation, arthritis, stomach, skin, liver, and gallbladder problems, is hampered by the lack of oral absorption. In this study, an in vitro digestion method and Caco-2 cell-lines were used to assess the influence of the solubilisation of curcuminoids in a liquid formulation comprising a high cont ...


In this issue, we present a Panel Discussion on Omega-3. Experts from food ingredients companies have been invited to participate around a virtual table and discuss about the necessary intake of EPA + DHA per day for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD), practical alternatives to the insufficient global production of marine oils in order to ...

Artificial intelligence and dietary supplements: from product formulation to consumer personalization

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is disrupting the industry at a global scale. It implies not only adding digital technology to current processes, but to truly change our traditional way of thinking. Certain industries, mainly those that are generally more tech-driven, have readily implemented digitalization and is now a vital part of their activities. Ho ...

Understanding probiotics in a European context Probiotic food and food supplements in Europe: how to move ...

The probiotic industry outside Europe is rapidly growing, while the European market is still lagging behind. The ambition of taking back the position of the EU as world leader, in a sector with huge potential, will require rethinking of the policies and the regulatory environment. 
Bringing together expert ...

Human gut microbes could make pro

A new study sheds light on how human gut microbes break down processed foods -- especially potentially harmful chemical ...

Dietary supplement from tomatoes

Sperm quality can be improved with a simple diet supplement containing a compound found in cooked tomatoes, according to...

Mystery of unique probiotic yeast

Researchers led by Prof. Johan Thevelein (VIB-KU Leuven Center for Microbiology) have discovered that Saccharomyces boul...

H&PC Today

September/October 2019

Biodegradable, water-soluble materials draw interest in applications for single-use plastics

Materials used in single-use plastics are have their fair share of issues especially with regards to end-of-use which are leading to such plastics accumulating as waste. Polyvinyl Alcohol offers a working solution for such issues due to its ideal profile of performing in use and then disappearing via biodegradation without the need for special facilities ...

Rice water in cosmetics: the benefits for skin

Rice water has been used is skin care products due to cosmetic benefits. However, lack of scientific evidence supports their benefits for skin and hair. We developed a topical gel containing rice water in order to evaluate the anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties of the formulation. The topical gel containing rice water was tested in terms of pH, viscos ...

Cannabis & Cosmetics How to navigate the regulatory & legal landscape

This article provides an overview of the regulatory and legal challenges cosmetics containing cannabis extract, and in particular cannabidiol (CBD) are currently facing in Europe and globally. The status of CBD is currently being examined by EU institutions and the potential outcomes of these assessments will have a big impact on products already on the m ...

Sustainable cosmetics for a circu

How can the cosmetics industry move towards a circular economy? How can
cosmetic & personal care products be desi...

Key role of biocides for health &

CHIREC/Delta hospital hosted an A.I.S.E. event dedicated to the professional cleaning sector in its recently opened hosp...

Moles on the body largely influen

A study published in the journal Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research has found that genes have a greater influence than p...

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International Oligonucleotides and Peptides Conference

IOPC – International Oligonucleotides and Peptides Conference

The 2nd International Oligonucleotides and Peptides Conference – IOPC 2020, organized by TKS publisher & event organiser. It will take place in Milan (italy) at Grand Visconti Palace on June 15-17, 2020.
IOPC 2020 represents a great opportunity for exchanging ideas and opinions in the field of peptide and oligonucleotide chemistry and biology with benefit for human health and environment. Tekno Scienze Publisher organized an interactive meeting which will help participants to exchange opinions and information.
2 tracks in 1 conference: Stay at the forefront of OLIGO and PEPTIDE innovation, regulatory and market trends


CFRT 2019

In year 2009 Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today, TKS Publisher, was the first to organize worldwide a conference on the topic CONTINUOUS FLOW REACTOR TECHNOLOGY FOR INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS. Flow reactors had been a hot topic for several decades and different conferences were dealing with this technology but at a certain point it had a breakthrough in the field of industrial chemical synthesis and Chemistry Today was a pioneer in wide spreading the potentiality in this field. The first event was held in Madrid and showcased the state of the art of this innovative way to produce chemicals. Then after the really big success of this first event, Chemistry Today continued its mission to present real industrial case studies and create a professional networking. The following conferences in Paris, Como, Lisbon, Pisa, Budapest, Delft (for two editions), and Barcelona can be certainly seen as fundamental meeting events where the most important players and users of this technology gather yearly to discuss and share industrial applications.

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