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Chemistry Today

September/October 2023
Active pharmaceutical ingredient

European APIs producers: key role in the future scenario of health system

There are many problems in Europe related to the normal distribution and production of essential drugs, due to the shortage of APIs (Active pharmaceutical ingredient) and key intermediates utilized in the synthesis of API. These products are mainly coming from Asia, particularly from China, that, during the last years had to face many problems related to ...

Five ways pharma and MedTech companies can ensure cyber security and trust in their digital health solutions

Drug delivery and medical devices are increasingly becoming connected, offering real benefits to patients and healthcare providers. Such advances offer care that is safer, faster, and more convenient for patients. Patients who get information on their mobile phone on whether they have administered their drug dose correctly, for example, will not need to v ...


Ultra-Potent pharmaceuticals: Verifying containment

The pharmaceutical sector, uniquely carries out extensive testing of their products on human subjects. This testing provides data that allows toxicologists to develop safe limits for occupational exposure. However, ultra-high potent pharmaceuticals, with exposure limits below 10 ng/m3 provide challenges by pushing the containment technology and the verifi ...


Environmental sustainability in pharma – A view on Pharma’s progress towards positive impact

The pharmaceutical industry is no stranger to environmental regulation, often controlling emissions of air and water pollutants in order to minimise damage to the local environment from toxic and pharmaceutically active chemicals. This article explores the steps the pharmaceutical industry is taking in reducing its carbon footprint in a wider push to coun ...

Decarbonizing the industry: Air L...

Air Liquide has selected the three winners of its 2023 Scientific Challenge, out of 119 proposals from 29 countries. Thi...

Agro Food


What’s in the name ‘probiotic’? Framing the use of the term to correctly identify probiotics in food and ...

Although the international scientific definition of probiotics as “live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host” is well known, in practice we assist to the frequent misuse of the term ‘probiotic’. IPA Europe’s scientific experts have been working in collaboration with the International Sci ...


According to experts’ views, a digital platform that includes genetic testing, microbiome analysis, lifestyle assessments and actionable personalised recommendations might be the solution for meeting current and future consumers’ demands. This comes with some important challenges to focus on.


Perilla Frutescens extract targeting prebiotic activity – In vitro study to explore prebiotic effects on ...

Perilla frutescens (L.) extract is used in food supplements to support the immune system and GI comfort. A proprietary Perilla frutescens leaf extract was used to investigate prebiotic effects on strains of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and pathogenic bacteria by testing for growth stimulation effects on agar plates.  ... ...

Nutricosmetics & Beauty from within in the challenging scenario of COVID-19

Nutricosmetics business volume keeps on growing, with an expected turnover over 8.5B$ within 2027, registering a CAGR of 5%.

Despite of COVID-19 related slow-down of cosmetic market, 2020 gave a push to nutricosmetics one: people have changed their needs indeed, as a result of limitation in pursuing personal goals in term of beauty and well-being. ...

Following a Mediterranean diet re...

Old people who follow a Mediterranean diet are at a lower risk of cognitive decline, according to a study published in t...

Poor nutrition contributes to poo...

People with diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) are two-to-three times more likely to have depression than people without, acco...

Prolonged mismatch between calori...

Prolonged mismatch between calories eaten and burned may be putting many athletes at risk of REDs
Estimated preva...

HPC Today

November/December 2023

The power of consumer perception in home care – Context is key

Home care products enable consumers to express themselves, implying the product has meaning far beyond its functional purpose. The product communicates underlying messages through its sensory experience, which impacts the usage behavior of consumers. Yet to create the optimal sensory experience, the product should be evaluated in the context in which the ...


Challenges to consumers in choosing cleaning products: Poor performing products and problematic ingredients

The NordQual project, financed by the EU Consumer Programme, is a one-year cooperation between consumer organizations in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden to evaluate household cleaners.

Based on product testing and desk research on 166 household cleaning products, the project identified challenges to consumers in choosing effective products that minimi ...


Review of clinical studies for claim validations of European oral hygiene cosmetics – Part 1

The efficacy tests in the field of cosmetics used in oral care are evolving more and more with the arrival of new technological resources. In order to correctly support the claims of effectiveness, it becomes essential to understand which tests are currently available and which are the most reliable. In this review, the most widespread claims in the cosme ...

Microplastics: A Perspective on t...

MonoSol, A Kuraray Division, presents its services during Sepawa Congress (Stand C446). An article written by Yash Parul...

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