Sustainability and cosmetics industry: A pledge for scientific and holistic approaches



Vice-President L’Oréal R&I, L’Oréal For The Future & Green Sciences

The concept of planetary boundaries, as defined by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, describes environmental limits humanity must not surpass if we are to avoid severely endangering the Earth’s ability to sustain human development. Out of the nine limits identified by scientists, six have already been exceeded (1). Thus, we are confronted with an environmental emergency that necessitates bold, united, science-driven, and comprehensive action.


As an industry and an economic sector, as well as global citizens, the cosmetics sector plays a dual role - it contributes to the problem and offers a solution.


The cosmetics industry accounts for less than 3% of the global carbon footprint and as such is not among the major polluters on the planet. A growing number of players within the industry have recognized the urgent need for action and the sector has demonstrated itself as a pioneer in going beyond traditional lightweight initiatives.


Grounding in Science
Transitioning from ambition to action requires the worldwide adoption of sustainable commitments grounded in rigorous scientific and holis ...