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2015: a “sustainable”year?


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Was 2015 a “sustainable” year? Many are the events that can help us make up our mind.
2015 is the year of the papal encyclical “Laudato si” which, whatever one’s religion or opinion may be, has certainly been viewed by everyone as a warning on the harm we are inflicting to our planet and as a strong recommendation to look after the earth and its resources, and this is witnessed by the fact that the papal letter has been positively acknowledged all over the world.
2015 is the year of the Climate Conference of Paris, which hosts the Sustainable Innovation Forum.
Frankly speaking, the first thoughts Paris evokes today are dramatic, and we’re all shocked at what recently occurred there and feel deeply concerned about our future.
However, we mustn’t lose focus on this very important event on climate issues. Actually, in light of the dramatic context we’ve all been shoved into these days, this conference becomes a precious opportunity to make a step forward in securing our future and is also a clear message that we will never be subdued by those who use terror to paralyse our efforts for development and change. Given t ...