P4 Inclusive Cosmetics – Deciphering skin longevity biomarkers through the innovative P4I Cosmetics approach


OxiProteomics, France

The use of accurate, actionable and specific Predictive biomarkers of skin health & longevity is essential to support the transition in the direction of Precision and Personalised cosmetics, including consumers contributions through Participatory cosmetics, paving the way towards P4 Inclusive Cosmetics. In recent years, important advances have been evidenced in personalized medicine, precision medicine, and P4 medicine. This concept refers to the practice of customizing medical treatment and/or products for each individual patient (1). P4 medicine is an approach to make medicine more Predictive, Preventive, Personalised and Participatory, and its two main objectives are to underscore well-being and health (2).


P4 Inclusive Cosmetics (Predictive, Preventive, Personalised, Participatory) is our innovative approach inspired by personalised medicine, precision medicine or P4 medicine, applied and adapted to Cosmetics interventions. Methods for developing Personalised cosmetic formulas range from mobile apps, online questionnaires about your skin requirements and skin consultations, to scientific methods involving epigenetics and Omics approaches, cellular ...