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Enhancing your organization’s expertise in quality and supply chain security



CEO at Rx-360

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the importance of quality and supply chain integrity is more important than ever.  

Whether its with existing pharmaceutical products or the soon to be on the market coronavirus vaccines.

The question really has become how to merge the initiatives around quality with those of supply chain integrity.  It all starts with having a true understanding of what your organizational goals are. Have they changed due to COVID-19, and how do you anticipate them evolving over the next year or two.

One area that has become very popular during this time is that of enhancing your organization ability to conduct supply chain security audits.  How do you conduct an audit when there are so many travel restrictions as well as access issues?  How do you develop a plan between an auditor and an auditee that proves to be a winning formula for all parties?  Being practical and understanding of the tas ...

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