Technosciences – A modern concept of the performative perception of sciences



Founder and Honorary President, European Academy of Sciences and Arts

All the sciences are a result of how man is imaging his world and how he handles nature as he is optimizing his living conditions. In earlier times sciences have been linked strongly to religion. In a stepwise process the achieved skills noted as knowledge accumulated at the universities.


Various competencies were developed and will further evolve. This can be seen in the increasing number of universities expanding their offers based on the demand of society. Science and education are the core elements of a university. Sciences are collecting the data of research while education translates them for the students and makes them fit for their professional life. In my life I observed many attempts to reform the universities.


But it is inevitable that we have to be aware of what science means and what are its objectives. Sciences are reflecting the image of the world. The main task is to enhance the conditions of life and make it easier to live but earning money too. This can be seen on the massive exploitation of the world resulting in a definite climate change.

Sciences have been classified out of three different elements as per ...